DermaSound Elite

DermaSound™ Elite – SIGNATURE YOUTHFUL FACIAL (60 mins) $130
Boosts the skin’s own collagen and elastin while rejuvenating tired cells with the intense peptide formulations. Helps in improving tone, texture, and moisture in the skin that helps you maintain a youthful appearance. This treatment is suitable for mature, dehydrated, and lack-luster skin.

DermaSound™ Elite – ULTIMATE ANTI-AGING FACIAL (60 mins) $120
Incorporates gentle-acting Alpha Hydroxyl Acids with skin balancing ingredients; the facial skin will be transformed into a brighter and more refined appearance. This treatment is suitable for mature, dehydrated, or environmentally affected skin.

DermaSound™ Elite – ACNE or ROSACEA MANAGEMENT FACIAL (60 mins) $120
Acne can affect people of all ages and skin types on the face, neck, or even the back. This clinical facial provides effective remedies for those experiencing acne symptoms such as an uneven complexion, blackheads, or excessive oil.

DermaSound™ Elite – PIGMENT CONTROL PEEL TREATMENT (60 mins) $160
Utilizes a formulation made from 5 natural berry extracts—Cranberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Bearberry. These potent antioxidants gently brighten hyper pigmentation as they increase cell turnover and collagen production.

DermaSound™ Elite – AHA Peel (60 mins) $130

* All the treatments include the usage of the Ultrasonic DermaSound Elite. The DermaSound Elite makes every peel more effective at treating problem areas of the skin.